Language Exchange (日本村)

We organise a Japanese & English language and culture exchange club, let’s make more friends!

Every Fridays at 6-8pm (except public holidays)
Fee: $4 (Cash Only)(Includes free drinks and snacks)

Place: Level 1, 152 Little Lonsdale St.

【Steps for joining the language exchange】

(1)To pop in Japaneasy
(2)To pay $4 at the reception
(3)To get tea if you want
(4)To have a seat
(5)Chatting chatting chatting!

18:00-18:20 English Time
18:20-18:40 Japanese Time
18:40-19:00 English or Japanese Time
19:00 Changing seats!
19:00-19:20 English Time
19:20-19:40 Japanese Time
19:40-20:00 English or Japanese Time
20:00 Finish! arigatou~:)

No booking is required, you can just pop in★
*Beginner students are also welcome, too!

On May 25h Report

―りこ (オーストラリア歴 3週間)

メッセージ : もっと来て、もっとたくさんのオージーと話がしたいです。


―のりあき (オーストラリア歴 2ヶ月)

メッセージ : リスニング力とスピーキング力が伸びるので、いいと思います。


―Jeffrey (日本語学習暦:6ヶ月)

Massage : やさしい!!overall, Its enjoyable, very comfortable talking to everybody and getting to know more people!!

Will defenitely come back for more.


―Henry (日本語学習暦:1ヶ月)

Massage:Relaxed, easygoing environment. Will definitely recommend it to others!


“Relaxed Chatting Room (まったりおしゃべり部屋)”          “Strictly Studying Room (みっちり勉強部屋)”


On Mar 23th Report

―By James  

Massage : It's been a while, so it's good to see everyone again. P.S Thanks for the chocolate bikkies and heaps of tea!

―まき  (オーストラリア歴 2週間)

メッセージ : 語学学校だと地元の人との交流がないけど、色々話せて勉強にもなるし楽しかったです。

―ともひろ  (オーストラリア歴 2か月)

メッセージ :初めて来たときは緊張してあんまり話せなかったけど、2回、3回と来るたびにたくさん話せるようになって楽しい時間を過ごしてます。何回でも来たいって思える場所です。英語を話せるし、日本語を外国の方に教えられるのがすごく楽しいです。また来ます。




On Mar 9th Report

―By Philip (4.5 times)

Massage : It good time to practice Japanese. I met a lot of people 

―By Garrick 
Massage : It's the first time I've came back in a long time. so it was nice to take part in Nihon Mura again.

―ひろき (5週間)

メッセージ :『英語は少しむずかしいけど、楽しいです。』


メッセージ : 『とても親しみやすい雰囲気でありながら、とてもオーガナイズされていて、とても居心地が良いところだと思います。』

On Feb 23th Report

―By Roviinna

Massage: It always fun coming to Nihonmura. I haven't been here for a little while and I have been away on holiday.

I didn't use my Japanese at all for about a month so I feel glad that I could use Japanese again and able to see everyone at

Japaneasy as happy as always. Good to see you all again!!





Christmas specials

 2010年12月22日 · 19:00 - 21:00 


Language & Exchange Club Japanese Village Christmas party special!
$4 includes

-Language exchange in small groups
-Trivia game in team!
-Snack and soft drinks privided
-Live music (you are welcome bring your musical instrument in)

Let's make more friends in Melbourne
and enjoy last minites of 2010 at Japaneasy!!!!!!!!


we did some quize and achimuitehoi! it was real fun!!


On July 9th Report!

―By Nir (never study Japanese)
Why are you learning Japanese ?
‘interested in going holiday.’
How did you find us?
‘from a friend’
How was Japanese Village?
‘fun! exciting! happy!’
Are you coming next Japanese Village?
‘very good experience, have fun be here next session!’


―By Yvonne (Studying Japanese for 7 month)
Why are you learning japanese ?
‘I love Japanese and I have Japanese blood(grand father). I love Japanese comic as well’
How did you find us?
How was Japanese village?
‘Good! My japanese is limited and they have limited to English. but there is good atmosphere, so I can make friend here over the language’
Are you coming next Japanese village?
‘Just come here and make new friends. If you come here you have opportunity to make new friends both local and Japanese!’

―だいすけ (4ヶ月)


On June 25th Report!

―By Max (Studying Japanese for 8 weeks)
Why are you learning Japanese ?
'I want to live in Japan’
How many time have you been here?
‘first time’
How was Japanese Village?
‘good opotunity to practice my Japanese, getting into Japanese Culture.People in here is very Japanese!’
Are you coming next Japanese Village?
Massage: ‘Best experience to practice Japanese in Melbourne,Its easy to get many Japanese friends’

―By Josh (Studying Japanese for 6 month)
How many time have you been here?
Why are you learning japanese ?
I like Japanese,Happy!’
‘It’s really good to come here and talk to good funny Japanese friends. I have fun practicing Nihongo here!’

―ひで (学生・2年半)

―いくえ (学生・2ヶ月目)