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Room Hire (Seminar, Meeting, Office Space etc) / レンタルスペース (講演会, ミーティング, レンタルスペースママ会など)

Updated: 30/01/2020

We provide clean, tidy and well maintained rooms that are perfect for your next conference, team meeting, training, seminer and workshop.

・Bookings are available from 1 hour
・Monday - Sunday from 9:00 - 22:00

Facilities and Equipment
・Heating / Air conditioning
・Tables and chairs
・DVD player
・CD player
・Kitchen (Fridge, Microwave, Cups)
・Wifi internet access
・One car parking 
・PC & data projector ($22)
・Microhpne and amprifier ($11)

Suitable for
・Seminar (セミナー)
・Conference (会議)
・Team Meeting (ミーティング)
・Office Space (貸しオフィス)
・Training (研修)
・Class (クラス)

Price List
All prices are included GST.

Profit Event Room Hire Price List

Non-Profit Event:$5 discount










11.2m2 13.7m2

(e.g. 3.3×3.6)


8.6m2 10m2

(e.g. 3.7×2.7)




Capacity (Chairs only)


100 people

40 people

15 people

10 people

7 people

Capacity (Sitting with tables)


50 people

25 people

8 people

6 people

4 people

Mon - Fri (9am-5pm)
Hourly rate







Mon - Fri (5pm-10pm)
Hourly rate







1 day hire (Mon - Sat)
5 hours fee applies
Hourly rate

(Mimimum: 2hrs)
$65 $55 *$45 *$40 *$35

*Available with Hall or/and Large room(s) hire
・Non-profit events means the events which do not make any sales, Profit events means the events which make sales.
・Public holidays: Negotiable 



(2)Large Room


(3)Medium Room


(4)Small Room


(5)X-Small Room


Terms and Conditions

  • Booking requires full payment upfront 
  • Cancellation is available 1 week prior to the event day.
    (Cancellation within 6 days’ notice prior to the event day will be charged the full fee.)
     e.g.) Booking date: Sat 20th July, then cancellation is available by Sat 13th July 19:00.
  • Reception Operation Hours – 11am to 7pm(Mon to Sat)
  • Restrictions: No sticky tape, no Blu Tack, no pins
  • A hirer is responsible for any damage to the room. If there is any damage done to the room, Japaneasy may reinstate the room to its original condition, apply the cost that Hirer must pay. 
  • Please take your rubbish home with you.


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